The irony \\ reference testing

If I don’t ace my reference librarianship mid-term tomorrow, then I have no business being a librarian.

Let me explain…

My professor feels that the best way for us to learn reference librarianship is to practice it. Valid. She says there are many ways we can go about finding the correct answer to a query. Again, valid.

So, with those valid thoughts in mind, she’s decided our mid-term will be open-book, open-note, and…here’s the kicker…open computer. Oh, and I get eight hours and fifty-nine minutes to complete it.

From home.

Any way we can find the correct answer is fine with her. As long as it’s correct, and we found the answer through research, she doesn’t consider it cheating.

Like I said, if I don’t ace this mid-term, I have no business being a librarian.