Fashion and the Library Student \\ The Cardigan Obsession, Part I

I often joke about how the main consideration for my career path was based around the fact that I would be able to wear cardigans every day.

Well, truthfully, it’s not a joke.

I love cardigans. I’ve been wearing them for years. I can’t really pinpoint an age when I started wearing them, but I know I wore cardigans with both my prom dresses; I have some of my class pictures in them; and my freshman year of college I more or less lived in a hand-me-down brown cardigan I got from my grandfather (yes, it had arm patches).

I know part of my love for these sweaters is because of my boobs. You see, with the exception of a few years where I was obese from an undiagnosed endocrine disorder, I’ve always been rather petite, but with these huge mountains on my chest. Cardigans allowed me to have some modest coverage while also being able to strategically button them so people could see I actually had a waist (tight shirts made me look like street walker; loose shirts made me look pregnant). Also, they are just friggen comfy.

So, for the sake of showing you some of my cardis and also just for some good old-fashioned vanity, here are some photos of me in cardigans (please excuse the blurry awkwardness, I still haven’t mastered self-photography):

Super awkward position, LOL!

Red cardi over vintage ISU t-shirt. Love my 'Clones! Suck it UConn!

I look like such a hipster in this one, but in reality I was just feeling lazy and it was cold.

I wish this pic wasn't so blurry, I love that cardigan and I'm wearing my favorite necklace from Anthropologie.

I'm so fake smiling in this one. The t-shirt says "I survived the Mac Attack!"

Who says almost 30-year-old women can't shop at Junior's stores like Delia's? This cardi is from there and it's perfect for warmer weather.

On the way to a mid-term (which I aced!).