about jaclynnejacijax

Hi, I’m Jaci (pronounced like Jackie). Or you can call me Jaclynne, that’s my legal name and I use it professionally, but it’s mostly just used when someone is angry with me. You can also call me Jax, if you so choose. I’ll answer to whatever.

I love to write. I love books. I spend a lot of time at the gym. I’m endlessly curious. I wear a lot of cardigans.

See, a cardigan. And my cleavage. Both are prominent fixtures in my life.

I also love to make, think, do, create, save, spend, organize, worry, dance, read, dream, explore and just exist.  This blog is about my random, honest weirdness.

Oh, and I recently relocated from New York City back to Des Moines (no, it’s not boring!)

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