Jacifesto Friday: It’s a mutual understanding.

You know when you are growing up and your parents tell you to try to be friends with everyone? To turn the other cheek and just get along?

Well, this isn’t about that. Not directly at least because I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to like every single person on this overpopulated planet.

English: Planet Earth

English: Planet Earth (Photo credit: Wikipedia) if only the people on Earth were all this nice.

This is about how it’s okay to just not like someone. You do not have to be friends with everyone, and not everyone is going to want to be your friend. In fact – you may out-and-out dislike someone and they will very likely feel the same way. It’s okay. This brings us to my Jacifesto:

If you don’t like someone and they don’t like you, it isn’t a problem – it’s a mutual understanding.

Look at it this way, even you and the other person disagree about everything else, you agree on this: you don’t want to be around each other, talk to each other, or be friendly to each other. You’d rather just avoid each other as much as possible. And, unless you have to be in each others’ presence because of some sort of outside commitment (family/work/school) there is no reason to see each other.

Related: if you have to spend time together, grin and bear it. You don’t have to necessarily be nice to one another, but you don’t need to be mean either. Just get through it as gracefully as you can without making each other and any bystanders uncomfortable. It’ll be awkward, but that’s life – there are a lot of awkward moments.

Do any of you have someone with whom you have a “mutual understanding”? Do you have to still deal with one another?

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