Jacifesto Friday: Don’t eat any meal…

Last week’s Jacifesto Friday was pretty serious, this week is bit more lighthearted, but also important.

Don’t eat any meal past breakfast in pajamas.

This may seem like a silly rule, but it’s a just one. It makes it so two things don’t happen.

First, you don’t spend all day in your pajamas and thus have to make a least a little effort in presenting yourself the best you can. Maybe you don’t do your hair up completely or even wear clean clothing, but at least you aren’t in clothes you can sleep in all day. I mean, you’re awake, you should look like it.

Hugh Hefner on the Red Carpet for a Wounded Wa...

Only Hugh Hefner can wear pajamas all day and still get laid.

Second, you don’t eat food in stretchy pants. From my experience, I’m a bit more aware of what I’m eating when I’m wearing clothes that actually fit me. I read somewhere that women (and men) who don’t wear elastic generally weigh less. The idea being that they are more aware of how their body feels and thus are more aware of when they become full.

I’m a slow riser, so eating my breakfast in PJs is normal, but I’m not a big eater in the morning. Typically I’m a cereal or toast with coffee gal. But, eating lunch in pajamas is a no-no. If, for whatever reason, I find myself still in PJs when I’m ready to eat lunch, I change before eating and once I change, I generally stay in those clothes the rest of the day.

Now, I’m not saying there aren’t days here and there when I end up staying in pajamas all day, but they are the exception. And, remember what I said last week: What you do everyday matters more than what you do once in a while – an off day is bound to happen.

Any silly clothing rules to share? Anything you do to check yourself when it comes to eating?

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