Breaking down Spring Break

I’m on Spring Break!

It feels so odd to say that.

Anyways, while many people get on a jet plane and head to warmer climates, I’ll instead be getting on a train and heading to Connecticut (where it’s a bit cooler).

NYCSub 7 car exterior

NYC Subway 7 car exterior, the train I take into the City before grabbing the Metro North to CT. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I can’t wait.

Mostly because I’ll be out of Queens for a few days, but also because I’ll get to spend some time with people who actually give a crap about me. I’m not saying there aren’t people in Queens who care about me, but I just need some time with people who have known me longer than 2 months.

Also, there are in fact a lot of stupid assholes in New York City and my INFJ heart is dying a little bit everyday I have to deal with them (sorry, New Yorkers, but it’s the truth!)

I was hoping for a relaxing 12 days off, but I got surprisingly booked before I even realized. Here’s how my week is breaking down thus far:

  • Thursday, April 5th: Cleaning up some loose ends around campus in the morning, meeting at noon, and then traveling to Connecticut (I imagine some beer will be on the agenda once I arrive).
  • Friday, April 6th — Sunday April 8th:Spend the weekend with family, do some reading for school, take pictures, sleep in, eat food, decompress.
  • Monday, April 9th: Travel back to NYC, run all the errands I normally run on weekends, NYPL Corrections Fundraiser in the City.
  • Tuesday, April 10th: Go to the Natural History Museum with Kitten! This will my first time ever going and I’m super excited!
  • Wednesday, April 11th: Apartment hunt with J-Zimm (I’m already anticipating this being a very frustrating day — expect an angry post in the evening). We’ll probably grab a slice and some beer along the way too.
  • Thursday, April 12th: Kick my butt doing school work, work on 2 papers and a presentation, start my website for my tech class, research this thing called THOMAS for Library School…bah.

    Rosenthal Library, QC

    Rosenthal Library, Queens College -- this is where my Library School is located (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Friday, April 13th: Probably more school stuff, but I may try to go out to the movies or something and get off campus in the evening. Also, avoid black cats.
  • Saturday, April 14th: Spend time in the City with my aunt. Pray for good weather on Sunday.
  • Sunday, April 15th: 10k with my aunt and her sister in Central Park. I’ll probably walk it, or slog, I’m not sure. Finish any undone homework in the evening.
  • During all of this: running and working out to prepare for my half-marathon in May and to participate in #GetYourAssMovingApril, blogging, and looking for a summer job.

Not a ton of downtime, but at least I’m getting to spend some time with people I actually like, which should improve my mood. Also, just getting out of Queens should help – I actually haven’t left the boro since I came back from CT at the end of February (that is so depressing when I say it out loud).

I’ll be taking photos this whole time, and I also plan on writing a few non-bullshit posts. Oh, and sleeping, did I mention sleeping?


    • Ha ha! Well, mine is a bit extended since I don’t usually have school on Thursdays and Fridays and I kind of counted the Monday I go back since I don’t have class until late in the afternoon…but, yeah, after working, any break feels really odd.

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