Takeaways from my first week of Library School in New York

The end of my first week of Library School coincided with the end of my first week in New York.


My overall thoughts on my move to New York are brief: I’m still glad I did it, I miss my friends and family (and cats), but I know this is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. And I’ll have my cats again…right? Right?! :(


My thoughts on Library School are much longer and require one of my infamous 13-things lists. So, without further ado…

13 Takeaways from my 1st Library School Week (aka: I really effing suck at making up titles that don’t sound awkward)

  1. My love of \backslashes\, metadata, and punc.tu’ation will be helpful in cataloging
  2. Cataloging can be fun (if you like splitting hairs and analyzing the shit out of things) (I hearts analyzing the shit out of things)
  3. Our professors really take advantage of the fact we are all readers (500+ pages of reading the first week – holy shitballs)
  4. Librarians come in every size, shape, age, and background. I love this about us.
  5. Librarians are fucking funny (as long as you get sarcastic, ironic humor) (or have a large vocabulary)

    Source: nerdquirks.tumblr.com

  6. Librarians seem to love lists (especially odd-numbered ones) (okay, that’s probably just me)
  7. I’m neither the dumbest nor the smartest person in any of my classes, but I am one of the most conversational (INFJ much?)
  8. A lot of librarians are also writers; makes sense because we are also readers
  9. Most of us have a definite personal style – even the guybrarians (male librarians)
  10. There are more guybrarians in my program than I expected (I find them oddly hot) (especially the scruffy ones) (they’re smart!) (they like books) (hopefully, they also like smart women?!) (hopefully some of them are straight)
  11. I sort of really want glasses even though I have 20/20 vision; I just don’t feel like a librarian without them
  12. All my professors are charming. Honestly, I would be friends with all of them outside of school (No, this is not me sucking up) (but if it helps…)
  13. I may not be the smartest, but I moved the furthest to pursue this program and thus have the most to lose (watch out, I didn’t give up my whole life for nothing schoolmates!) (I’m not competitive in the classroom at all)

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